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cpe 135a tds

cpe 135a tds


CPE 135A - Shandong Ruifeng Chemical - datasheetChlorinated polyethylene based impact modifier. Exhibits fine multiple physical properties with good low-temperature flexibility and better tearing strength IKAMOD 135A – CPE Impact Modifier Technical Data Sheet IKAMOD 135A is a synthetic material, kind of thermoplastic elastomer, made from high density  This chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) material is designed as.2 pages
TDS(CPE-135A) - MSDS/TDS - Shandong Sanyi Group Co Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE)is a high molecular elastomeric material that is chlorinated by HDPE. It is white powder and innocuous.Cpe 135a Tds China Manufacturers & Suppliers & Factory24 Products — Charactors Chlorinated polyethylene CPE135A is white powder chloridized from high density polyethylene This product is a kind of elastomer with CPE 135ACPE135A is a kind of powder product which uses HDPE to suspend and chlorinate in water phase. With the increase of chlorination degree, the original Chlorinated polyethylene CPE 135A - Cpi BgCPE135A is rigid PVC impact modifier, with good anti-caking and rapid plasticity properties, and low temperature softening property and good mechanical 1 page

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